Corporate Email

Individuals or companies have the right not to have their data read or accessed by people or algorithms that analyze patterns, words or information that is confidential or sensitive for the company, and this is what we know as data sovereignty.

By having mail and collaboration services within public clouds such as AWS, Azure or Google Cloud, the user loses part of the sovereignty of their data, as well as the ability to know who can see or access their emails, data or files.

A combination that allows you to save
up to 6 times on your billing.

At Netnovation we offer email services for organizations in Latin America, combining the use of licensed email providers with Open Source service, achieving savings of up to 6X in the total email bill for organizations.

With more than 16 years of experience we have successfully implemented email solutions for more than 200 organizations and we currently maintain the email service of more than 20 companies in the region.

Zimbra Mail

Solution based on the Zimbra mail and collaboration server. The Zimbra solution has mail, calendar, contacts and file management functions with a simple interface that offers the user an improved experience in their collaborative communications.

Simple Mail

E-mail solution, with management of POP3 and IMAP4 protocols, simple and robust for the client’s domain. Its functions are limited to the exchange of mail but at a price accessible to all.


MX backup solution that allows the customer to have a prevention system in case of failure of their email system on site. Our servers receive your mail, in the interval of time that your server is down. Once you are back online, our service will send you all the emails we have from your domain. It ensures the continuity of your mail and prevents it from being lost in the event of a problem with your main system.

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Collaborative computer program that offers a customizable platform for the exchange of emails, calendar appointments, contacts, files, chats, video chats and information on different tasks from any mobile device.