In Netnovation we have understood that not all companies and not all network/IT problems require the most expensive solution on virtual servers, even with this we have noticed that many enterprises rent/lease almost all their IT/network needs to providers like AWS, Azure or Google Cloud.

So, how have we manage to achieve the best
option between performance and cost?

We offer our client the expertise on virtual server dimensioning regarding storage, CPU and security focused on optimizing performance and costs. We help you combine our cloud services with other providers’ options to achieve best in class IT and cloud services for your company at a reasonable cost.

We can generate savings up to 35%
from your billing without sacrificing performance

Cost optimization on
services that can be migrated to our
cloud for any enterprise

· File and Storage Services
· Backup Servers
· Directory Servers
· Secondary Applications (CRM, HR, Dev Servers)
· Image Storage

Cost optimization on applications
that can be migrated to our cloud for SMBs

· CORE (bank, insurance, etc.)

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